Pre-Kickoff Meetings

Hello, and welcome to the first Robodox blog post for the 2018 season! We've had an extremely busy week of meetings and organization, and are excited to attend kickoff in less than nine hours. 

Here are our objectives for the 2018 season:

  1. Bring home our first blue banner
  2. Practice driving for two weeks prior to bag & tag
  3. Build a second robot
  4. Improve documentation

Accomplishing all of these will require maximum effort on our part.  Due to our large student experience base and the large number of seniors on the team this year, we have chosen to build two robots--one for competition and one for drive/programming practice--pushing our fabrication and design capabilities to the limit. 

To assist with this, we have finished CAD models of off-season robot chassis models, available on the CADs page of this website. These CAD models are special, however; they parametrically update in response to user-driven variables, such as width and length. The result is that the chassis CAD is projected for completion by the end of the first weekend at the latest. Students can begin fabricating parts as soon as the drivetrain is decided, and we will hopefully hit the ground running to begin a successful season. 

Good luck to all, and try to get some sleep!

-Michael McNabb

2018 Chief Engineer