The Incision

Another productive couple of days for the Robodox. Since the last update, we've gotten a ton of work done: 

First of all, our fabrication division has been hard at work making parts for the chassis. We are ready to assemble BOTH ROBOTS this saturday. Great progress.

Our programming division has made great progress on the drive code, writing the main body and control systems in just one day. They are currently conducting tests on the Andymark Sheet metal chassis, henceforth referred to as the Mock Chassis. 

Our CAD and Design divisions got a ton of work done on their respective subsystems, as well:

Drive: The Drive CAD is just about finished, with only minor details and bolt holes still missing. We have decided to use Andymark 6" HiGrip Traction wheels due to our large quantity of them and their proven effectiveness in traversing the field. Our gearboxes bring our free speed to roughly twenty-one feet per second in high gear and nine feet per second in low gear theoretical. Bumper mockups were also added to the model to ensure the intake system has the proper clearances. 

Intake: On Wednesday, we considered which advantages, if any, our robot would have if we were able to outtake power cubes from both sides. This would allow far faster cycles from the exchange to the Power Cube zone, by cutting out the time to turn around. It would also allow for more precise maneuverability and speed in placing cubes on the Scale. However, after weighing the pros and cons of this strategy, we decided that, due to the relative complexity of the changes which would be required to existing systems, this strategy would not be worthwhile to pursue. 

After this decision, we considered wheel positions and integration with the elevator and chassis perimeter requirements. The intake mechanism we have planned will currently need to actuate upwards at some point to fit within the frame perimeter. We will ultimately be deciding the design of the intake this saturday before after lunch. 

Regarding the lift, there are several factors we have to decide upon before the design review meeting this weekend, as well. For example, the size of the bearings we chose has come before concerns, especially considering the loads they will bear during climbs. We have chosen to redesign several components of the elevator system such that the inner carriage can travel a larger distance in order to reach the scale and climb from the rung more effectively. 

More updates, as well as chassis renders and design pictures coming tomorrow!